Summer Camp

Ideally, kindergarten will be a smooth, sunny introduction to real school for your child, since it sets the stage for the rest of his education.
About the Summer Camp Program at SMP

Our summer program is filled with tons of fun! Each year our staff works hard to create a theme for each week, decorates the classroom, and creates a special unique activity for each day! We do it all from Camping week, Reptile week, All Around the World, and so much more! Each week we have a vendor come in and teach a lesson. We also have vendors that come for the kids such as a reptile show, a bubble show, and even a planetarium. Twice a week we have splash days which allows the kids to relax and have fun in the sprinkler and our water table.

Childhood summers should be filled with laughter and memories. Our Summer camp allows children the opportunity to experience exciting new activities while growing friendships. Our summer days are enhanced by weekly themes ,outdoor activities and in house entertainment, The children are also engaged in classroom activities for routines and curriculum. Our summer camp is designed for 0-13 years of age and activities offered are based on the child’s age group.

Best Summer Camp in Edison is a time for the child to break free and become independently expressive. They will learn about all parts of life, the world, culture, and also helps the child learn a little bit of the Montessori philosophy along with the academics. It is a great way for the child to grow and make lots of friendships with all different age groups. It allows for the children to try new things that maybe they were afraid to try before, along with lots of engaging activities for them to do.

Here at Springdale Montessori our summer camp themes change every year which adds more excitement to look forward to for the next year!

SMP’s Summer camp begins in July and runs through August End..

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