Our Difference

We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

Our history

Springdale Montessori is an independent early education school serving children from 15 months to 6 years old in Iselin, New Jersey.. Springdale Montessoril prepares students for lifelong success in half-day and full-day preschool, kindergarten, and after-school programs. Our mission is to guide children on a path of creativity and curiosity while building self-awareness, academic skills, empathy, and confidence. The curriculum follows a Montessori approach that encourages students to work independently and in groups, to develop self-esteem, self-discipline, time management skills, and problem-solving abilities. Children learn in state-of-the-art environments with teachers encouraging an open communication of ideas.

Our school is more than building foundational mathematical skills and learning basic language development .At Springdale Montessori we offer our students a wide range of enrichment activities, while extending beyond the traditional elements of the Montessori classroom.

The Springdale Montessori difference
We offer a unique early education experience built on 30 years of expertise, and on what working families have told us they want and need for their children…and for themselves. Child care and early education isn’t just what we do – it’s who we are.

Introduction to Sign Language


Music and Movemen

Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.

-Maria Montessori

Why We are different

All of our teachers exceed NJ state licensing standards and requirements:

Community Involvement

At Springdale Montessori, we believe in giving back to the community. Our school is very involved with the community. We work closely with the Mayor of Woodbridge and participate in many events. We always look for new ways in giving back to the community and showing the kids how to be kind to one another, along with teaching them how to care for their community. We work with

Springdale Montessori went above and beyond to help the Covid-19 Heroes by donating snack bags to the local firefighters, police officers, and healthcare workers.
Springdale Montessori strongly believes in

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”

-Albert Schweitzer

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