Toddlers learn best in safe, loving places where they can explore, in their own way.

About the toddlers care program at SMP

Our Toddler classroom is the perfect stepping stone to introduce your child to school and also build up their fine and gross motor skills. Toddlers at this age are very quick learners to their environment as well as their surroundings. This is a prime age where the children grow very quickly cognitively than any other age. Their minds are constantly learning and grasping new things as they go. As your child begins to walk and talk regularly, their curiosity drives them to explore. There is no technology involved in this classroom, but all hands on and visual learning which will enhance their minds.

In the toddler program your child will start from the very basics of recognizing and naming colors, numbers, and the alphabet. As your child begins to grow in the Montessori environment, they will begin to learn how to become independent. Being independent allows them to explore new and exciting things, and will help them to relate to others and make their own choices. Our teachers focus on the academic skills essential to a child’s growth as well as practical skills. Your child will come home learning how to eat and drink by themselves, hold a pencil in helping them to write on their own, put on their own jacket and so much more.

We are also there to help in encouragement for even the littlest mile stones from potty training to writing. In this classroom the child will begin to understand their environment. They will grow and understand each month of the year, what day of the week it is, and the weather. We also begin to introduce the alphabet. Language development is a big part of our curriculum. Day by day the child will learn how to put their actions into words. Simple phrases such as “Please, Help me, and Thank you” will become a natural part of vocabulary.

This class is specifically designed with age appropriate materials and will get your little one ready for the next step which is preschool. Your little learner will love our nurturing environment from the moment they step into the classroom. Our curriculum for the toddlers is designed to address their quick growth and setting them up for the next steps. We encourage the children in all they do and when they master one skill set, we progress them forward. Our goal is to never hold a child back from learning, but to keep progressing them forward. The children are constantly stimulated to be creative and curious. They learn because they want to know more. Our curriculum for this age is customized to each individual child based on their level of learning. They will also learn about different parts of the world along with culture and language. Montessori goes beyond the basics to teach a child reading, writing, math, geography, stem, language (such as sign language and Spanish), practical life, and sensorial skills. We believe in setting the child up for success and giving them the tools, they need in order to succeed.

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