Ideally, kindergarten will be a smooth, sunny introduction to real school for your child, since it sets the stage for the rest of his education.
About the Kindergarten program at SMP

Our Kindergarten program encompasses both Montessori curriculum as well as New Jersey State Standards. The Montessori Kindergarten curriculum exceeds the State Standards. Kindergarten students learn skip counting, greater than, and less than, word families, life cycles, and all about the world we live in. Because our curriculum is more advanced, we also include a small portion of first grade curriculum. A proper assessment and certificate will be given to the child as proof for the public-school system. Our Kindergarten program has been successful since we opened in 2016.

At this point it will prepare the child for success when they move onto first grade and beyond that. The Montessori approach allows children to learn through understanding, rather than through being told. From this understanding, your child is able to develop confidence and a joy in learning. By understanding how children learn, the teachers can provide your child with tools and opportunities tailored to the way they experience the world around them. At the same time there is a strong physical dimension to many Montessori activities, encouraging dexterity, balance and appreciation of shapes, colors, sizes and so on. They will be able to read and write full sentences on their own, perform the simplest to the most advanced mathematics equations, and focus on the next stepping stones to prepare them for the rest of their lives. They will also learn about different parts of the world along with culture and language.

Montessori goes beyond the basics to teach a child reading, writing, math, geography, stem, language (such as sign language and spanish), practical life, and sensorial skills. In Montessori the role of the teacher is to provide children with tools for learning, rather than pouring knowledge and facts into them and they are more like guides to observe and introduce the academic materials. We believe in setting the child up for success and giving them the tools they need in order to succeed.

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