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About the Pre Primary care program at SMP

Our Pre-Primary classroom further extends your child’s self-help skills, responsibility, and independence. In this classroom children will develop a sense of routine and organization. At this stage a child will be tracing letters and numbers and know all letter sounds. In addition, Best preschool in Edison children will be able to read phonetic words, spell and write their name, and learn two dimensional shapes. As the weather changes, children will also learn how to Velcro, snap buttons, and zip their jacket. The child’s language capabilities will grow tremendously in this classroom. They will be able to follow two step directions and ask any question they can think of!

The small classroom size is a perfect place to address each child’s individual needs. Our curriculum for this age is customized to each individual child based on their level of learning. The teachers will never go back to the beginning, but encourage the child to keep progressing forward in their learning journey. The children will learn how to solve different Montessori work on their own and if they need help then the teacher will be there to lead them in the right direction in order to succeed. They will also be able to develop their social skills by doing show and tell, which aids them in public speaking and putting together their words into sentences.

In this classroom, we encourage the children to also write in their math and language notebooks as well to help them get a better understanding visually of their work. At this age the children will start to go home with homework in order to expand their minds to another level. The learning does not just stop at school, but continues at home with a one on one interaction with their families as well. By aiding in active participation and choosing their own work allows the child to become an independent thinker and helps them in building up their learning. This is the stepping stone for the children to prepare them for that next stage of their lives.

They will also learn about different parts of the world along with culture and language. Montessori goes beyond the basics to teach a child reading, writing, math, geography, stem, language (such as sign language and Spanish), practical life, and sensorial skills. We believe in setting the child up for success and giving them the tools, they need in order to succeed.

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