Virtual Learning Classroom

Children between 6 and 12 years are hyper-active and bit challenging to keep them still for long hours, especially when they are at home. It’s difficult to supervise and control them during online classes at the comfort of your house. They need a school like an environment to concentrate and show their dedication to their studies. To ease everything for you and your child, Springdale Montessori offers a virtual learning classroom.

Just like normal days, your child will come to school, but the way of interacting and teaching will be very different. We will students from public schools who are digitally strong and know about virtual learning so that we can teach by maintaining social distancing regulations.

We know you are scared to send your child to school in this difficult situation, but we promise he/she will be safe in our hands.

Why should you trust us?

The first and the foremost, we will ensure that the school premise is not crowded and a proper distance is maintained between two individuals. The medical check will be on a go and no person will be allowed to enter the area without initial screening. If you want, we can update you about the same daily.

Even all the students will undergo daily checking so that there is not a bit of chance for the virus to enter. Also, we will follow all cleaning and sanitization regulations released by high-authorities.

Talking about the classes, there will maximum of 10 children in every classroom with proper social distancing. The students will be the same with a maximum of two designated teachers who will take the classes daily.

The schedule for the virtual learning classroom will be just like normal classes. Our trained and experienced teachers will take care of all the subjects along with other co-curricular activities.

To combat the spread of the virus, we have assigned professionals for cleaning and disinfecting the classroom after every hour.

Above all these, our teachers will make the virtual learning classroom easy and interesting for your child in many other different ways.

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