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Our Facilities

We are located at 23 Gill Lane, Iselin. Very close to Metropark NJ Transit Station, Distance 0.3 mile, 8 mins walk.

Springdale Montessori is designed with safety and security in mind.

  • Our one-story building allows all of our classrooms to have dual exits for safety. Each exit leads to our fenced in area.
  • Electronic parental sign in and sign out station complies with state guidelines.
  • Our playground is securely fenced. We have separate playgrounds for our infants/toddlers and preschoolers so they can safely explore their outside world with age appropriate play structures.
  • Watch Me Grow Security cameras are installed in every classroom, playground and entrance. Families can view their child throughout the day and witness all of the fun they are having.
  • We utilize Montessori Compass technology to keep parents connected to their children and our school. Montessori Compass an app which allows teachers to electronically send parents a daily report, curriculum overview, and photos of their child, bridges the gap between home and school. The school can also email alerts to parents if necessary.
  • Springdale Montessori is a nut free facility and allergy aware environment. All staff are trained on food allergies and precautions to avoid contact with an allergen.
  • Fire exits are clearly marked with dual exit routes. We hold monthly fire drills for practice.