Best montessori preschool in nj


3 through 6 years

Our Montessori Primary Program begins at 36 months of age.

During the primary years, Children become more self-controlled and self-sufficient. Language continues to expand and creativity blossoms. The child’s Intellectual and social development flourish. Children grow in personal independence, concentration, self-motivation, and develop a genuine love of learning.

Students in the Primary program are excited to learn everything they can about the world around them. We believe that children are born to learn, but what they learn, depends greatly on their teachers, experiences, and environments.

Teachers work with a child individually and in small groups on enticing activities, and then allow each child many repetitions with that activity to master its content in depth. Activities include beginning skills in reading, writing, language expression through drawing, writing, mathematics, geography, nature studies, science, practical life skills, social skills, art, Music and Movement, Spanish and Sign Language.

Materials and activities are readily accessible to students; they enjoy freedom of movement and the ability to choose their own purposeful activity; and they are given the time necessary to complete what they start. They are free to interact socially with their peers in the classroom, in conversation, and in their play.

Through the use of carefully prepared materials and activities as well as communication with teachers and interaction with peers, children grow in personal independence, concentration, and self-motivation, while retaining their innate love of learning.