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The asset of the family is the child who keeps on spreading happiness in the entire family, but once the child is grown up, proper development and the nurturing decision have to be taken by the parents. Since the birth of the child, a unique environment is created in the home, and different education is given to them by the parents and other family members. This particular environment and culture are not enough for the better development of the child. In the early stage of his life, he is not at all capable of taking any decision of his life, so the entire responsibilities go in the parent’s shoulder. It is said if the foundation is not healthy then there is no guarantee that the future will ever exist. The first decision of the parents is to decide on the best preschool for their child.

Why should you choose Springdale Montessori Preschool?

  • There are many viable options available which should be taken care of while choosing the children care, and Springdale Montessori Preschool fulfils all of them.
  • Our philosophy of work is “Follow the child” which is known as Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy. In our working environment, students speak, and the teacher listens and work accordingly.
  • We are not a part of any corporate entity, but we have ties with the different community. We work in the interest of students, parents as well as for the community we are attached with.
  • Keeping the monetary benefits aside, we work on the valuable aspect for the development of the students, and this becomes possible because we are not connected to any corporate world.
  • We have a proper predefined module and schedule for all the programs that we run which we share with the parents at the beginning of the session. We follow the same plan throughout the year.
  • We give special attention to every child irrespective of the program you select or the age of the student.
  • Classrooms are very well-designed according to the programs that we offer, and there are different classrooms with varieties of toys and playing equipment for the students of all age.
  • We have a predefined curriculum for every program, but it can be customized at any time as per the requirement of the child.
  • We take the complete responsibility of the trust that you will keep on us. To maintain this trust forever, we keep on updating the status and growth of the child to his parents.
  • We are the one who is always ready for the feedbacks and the criticisms and try to bring the changes as much as possible.
  • You do not need to worry once your child is admitted in Springdale Montessori Preschool because the development and the growth that you would see in your child would be extraordinary.
  • We aim to nurture the whole child with a balanced combination of the Montessori Method and requirement of today’s generation.

Lastly, we can say that your child will be nurtured in the safe and secure environment of Springdale Montessori Preschool and where every individual staff is very well-experienced.